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EP 72 – Avoiding the “If Only” Mindset | Pendergrass MA Academy owners Guy & Rob Pendergrass

Guy and Rob Pendergrass are black belts from Gustavo Machado and they are co-owners and operators of the Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts.

This was the first time I interviewed two people at the same time, and I believe that you will enjoy this format.

They shared their thirty years of Martial Arts experience, they talked about treating your business like a business, not as a hobby.

And My main takeaway from the interview came when we talked about what they called the “‘if only” Mindset. If only I had more money, If only I had more time, If I only were more intelligent, If only I had started earlier…and so on, which inspired me to title this episode AVOIDING THE “IF ONLY” MINDSET.

Stick around for my final thoughts after the interview when I expand on how to avoid the “If Only” Mindset.

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Enjoy the podcast! OSS!

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