This podcast is dedicated to entrepreneurs, small business owners and/or aspiring entrepreneurs, who train jiu-jitsu and want to take their mindset to another level on and off the mat.


Every Monday, our guests, who also happen to train in jiu-jitsu, will share with you their failures, their successes, the mindset and habits of successful high-performers, plus provide valuable content on Entrepreneurship, Personal Development & BJJ that will help them during their entrepreneurial journey.

Latest Podcast Episodes

EP 48 – Fail Fast, Fail Often | RevuKangaroo Co-founder Josh Kelly


Josh Kelly is a black belt in jiu-jitsu and the Co-Founder of RevuKangaroo, the world’s leading reputation management system, among multiple business ventures. Josh talked about the importance of simplifying your business procedures, how entrepreneurs should be building their personal brands and he also mentioned how he applies consistently the “Fail Fast and Fail Often”…

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EP 47 – Prepare For The Worst & Hope For The Best | GRIPS Chief Marketing Officer Ranson Shepherd


Ranson Shepherd is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, the chief marketing officer of GRIPS, a Grappling and MMA Apparel company and also the co-founder of Pegasus Nevada, a cannabis cultivation business. He talked about the importance of mentors in your life, about taking risks and when he shared about one of his biggest entrepreneurial struggles…

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EP 46 – Facing Your Problems Head On | Roots Athletics Owner Kristian Woodmansee

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Kristian Woodmansee is a black belt from Andre Galvao and the owner of Roots Athletics in Philadelphia, an Atos Affiliate school. He shared the struggle of finding balance in running a business while still competing in world-class level and he talked about the topic that he often shares with his students that inspired the title…

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About me and the podcast

Welcome to the BJJ Mental Coach podcast, I’m your host Gustavo Dantas. I am a 5th degree black belt in BJJ, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, the founder of the GD JJ academy in Tempe, AZ...