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This podcast is dedicated to entrepreneurs, small business owners and/or aspiring entrepreneurs, who train jiu-jitsu and want to take their mindset to another level on and off the mat.


Every Monday, our guests, who also happen to train in jiu-jitsu, will share with you their failures, their successes, the mindset and habits of successful high-performers, plus provide valuable content on Entrepreneurship, Personal Development & BJJ that will help them during their entrepreneurial journey.

Latest Podcast Episodes

EP 105 – Working to Live or Living to Work? Tiger Rock Martial Arts Owner Steve Snyder

By Gustavo Dantas | June 29, 2020 |

Welcome to episode 105, I’m your host Gustavo Dantas and today we have Steve Snyder. He a 3rd degree black belt under Robson Moura and currently owns and operates Tiger Rock Martial Arts in High Point, North Carolina. He shared the early days of his entrepreneurial career, implementing crosstraining in the 90’s and my takeaway…

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EP 104 – Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal – Sparks Martial Arts Owner Kris Sparks

By Gustavo Dantas | June 22, 2020 |

Welcome to episode 104, I’m your host Gustavo Dantas and today we have Kris Sparks. Kris is a lifelong martial artist who has earned black belts in several different disciplines, including a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is the owner of Sparks Martial Arts in Charlotte, North Carolina. He talked about his challenging transition…

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GDT#6 – What got you here, will get you there?

By Gustavo Dantas | June 15, 2020 |

Welcome to GD Thoughts #6, this is Gustavo Dantas, and as you already know, at the BJJ mental coach podcast we talk about entrepreneurship, life, and of course jiu-jitsu. Today, I have a quick question for you to reflect on: What got you here, will get you there? Let me know what you think. You…

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About me and the podcast

Welcome to the BJJ Mental Coach podcast, I’m your host Gustavo Dantas. I am a 5th degree black belt in BJJ, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, the founder of the GD JJ academy in Tempe, AZ...