Mental Preparation Crash Course

Would you like to take your BJJ Competition mindset to another level? If so, the Mental Preparation Crash Course (MPCC) for BJJ competitors is for you!

2 hours of amazing video and audio content designed to teach you how to become even more mentally prepared for your BJJ competitions.


Price: $39.95   BUY NOW


If you want someone with world-class experience (athlete and coach), who has proven results that will help you to feel even more confident and empowered on and off the mat, 4th degree Black Belt, High Performance and Mental Coach, Gustavo Dantas is the one and this crash course is for you!


Testimonial from DYLAN FALDUTO from Illinois, USA:

“It was such crazy timing. I just contacted the BJJ mental coach staff to get a password reset late last week, which they did super fast and nicely 🙂

The next day, I saw this brand new product posted. I purchased it and listened the morning and afternoon before my pro grappling match this past Saturday, and it really made an incredible impact in my mindset.

I pulled off the W in a hard fought match in overtime, and I know following Gustavo’s advice was really instrumental to my winning mindset.

Thank you, and please keep the great work coming! Much respect!”

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