EP 135 Sam Crook – Jiu-Jitsu Coach at Francis Ngannou Foundation

Sam Crook is a first-degree black belt, 4-time IBJJF Black Belt National Champion, 4-time British Champion, and the Jiu-Jitsu head coach of the nonprofit organization FRANCIS NGANOU FOUNDATION in the Village of Bati, Cameroon, Africa.

His cousin encouraged Sam to start his jiu-jitsu journey to lose weight, and as a result, he began an impressive story that has led him around the World;

Sam has trained from London to Rio making stops at multiple places in between to capitalize on world-class training, all while competing as much as he could.

Since 2019 Sam has been a volunteer instructor for the Francis Ngannou Foundation. The social project aims to utilize martial arts as personal development tools, especially jiu-jitsu, and a way out poverty.

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