EP7 – The right moment is now! | Tap Cancer Out CEO Jon Thomas

Jon Thomas is the founder and Executive Director of Tap Cancer Out, a nonprofit organization that mobilizes and empowers the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community to raise awareness and funds for cancer-fighting organizations. Jon is a brown belt and active BJJ competitor training at American Top Team Connecticut.

Check out my Final Thoughts from the interview at 52:47 where I share my take aways and teach personal development.

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Gustavo Dantas

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Jon Thomas

3:12 – Beginning in BJJ

5:05 – How BJJ relate to life

8:50 – The spark

20:20 – Are you waiting for the right moment?

28:10 – Biggest struggle

35:30 – High Performance Habit

41:10 – Best advice ever received

44:30 – Advice to your younger self

48:55 – What are you excited about?

53:00 – Gustavo’s final thoughts









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